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Who we are

A loyal partner for sports clubs in the Benelux for more than 25 years

Since 1999, Sporticom® has been supplying quality equipment to sports clubs in the Benelux. From lining machines and paint for all sports fields to sports equipment and infrastructure. With 25 years of experience, we are true experts in our field. 

Loyalty will be rewarded

For our loyal customers, we like to go the extra mile. Enjoy numerous advantages to grow your club. Will you help us bring in a new customer? Then, as a club, you will receive a one-time purchase voucher of €100.00 each and the new customer will receive a sponsorship contract of -10% on all purchases (excluding promotions).

  • Discount formula according to purchase
  • Easy additional ordering
  • Automated delivery possibilities

Welcome to the
Sporticom® family !

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